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Today's news | Bofei new materials enters the 2020 Xiamen Construction Expo

The annual 2020 Ninth Xiamen Construction Expo was grandly held in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center on September 18!


At this year's construction expo, Bofei New Materials continued to introduce new products, new products are dazzling, and the innovative trend of the floor material industry is displayed, and the floor material industry is reborn.


The Bofei new material exhibition area is located at No. A351 in Hall A3. It attracted countless eyes with its outstanding brand influence on the first day of the launch. Bofei explained home aesthetics well in the expo this time, with its own eye-catching halo, allowing the audience to appreciate the ingenuity of international boutiques, and the feedback received rave reviews.
Under the detailed explanation of Bofei staff, the whole process was observed and observed, and the quality of Bofei products and the innovation empowerment of refined and technological international brands were truly felt.


If you have heard of Bofei New Materials and have the intention of cooperation before, but neglect to meet each other, then this construction expo will be a rare opportunity for contact. Every year, Bofei SPC floor has new products, and the Xiamen Construction Expo is a good time to show new products. What we show is not only the floor, but also consumers' brand new concept of future life. This exhibition will make Bofei SPC more enthusiastic. People with lofty ideals on the floor have a new round of wealth.

Bofei New Materials sincerely invite
  2020 China Xiamen Construction Expo
Exhibition time: September 18-20, 2020
Booth No.: A351, Hall A3
Exhibition location: Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center
Bofei New Materials invites you to participate
2020 The 9th China Xiamen Building Decoration and Materials Expo
Sincerely invite new and old customers to come and experience guidance