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Jiangsu Perfect New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the economically developed, convenient transportation of Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Henglin Town, is specialized in wood flooring research and development, production and sales of leading export enterprises, is the SPC flooring "export base."

Bofei New Materials Foreign Trade Station is officially launched!

After careful planning, preparation and platform construction, with a more concise, flat and international operation page, the official website of Bofei New Materials is officially launched! The content covers many important sections such as brand center, VR panoramic extension system, product center, news center and so on. Let users not only understand the company's strength, but also timely grasp the brand information of Bofei New Materials.
This time the new official website adopts a fashionable and concise design style, advocating a healthy and fashionable lifestyle.
The new official website of Bofei New Materials will become a new channel for brands to communicate with distributors and consumers.
It will also continue to improve and enrich the various functions of the official website to meet the new trend of brand development and better serve consumers across the country.
Bofei New Materials Foreign Trade Station: